Самые важные дела делай в режиме гиперфокуса

по Бэйли Крис need to focus at once at internal world and external. Mix wondering inside your mind and external world. 4 stages of hyperfocus: 1. You are in your own mind (wondering, thinking about something) 2. You are focused on external world (work in autopilot: switching from app to app in smartphone or waiting… Continue reading Самые важные дела делай в режиме гиперфокуса

To be “good” something must operate consistently with the laws of reality and contribute to the evolution of the whole; that is what is most rewarded. For example, if you come up with something the world values, you almost can’t help but be rewarded. Conversely, reality tends to penalize those people, species, and things that don’t work well and detract from evolution

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